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What is DTH?

Direct to HomeDTH stands for Direct-To-Home, its a system that allows you to have a personal dish antenna how cable operators do, except its much smaller in size, the antenna can be seen on the top left corner of the blog.

This antenna can be fixed on your terrace and receives transmissions directly from a satellite, hence it is called as a direct to home service.

How does DTH Work?

In simple terms the service provider broadcasts the signal that is sent to the satellite that then transmits the signal back to earth which is picked up by your dish antenna and fed to your television set.

How DTH WorksHow is DTH different from Cable TV?

Direct to home is different in the way of size of the antenna require is much smaller, the city will have less wires from one building to another you have the flexibility of moving without changing ot searching for new cable operators. You do not have to deal with the local cable operator!

What is the history of DTH in India?

DTH services were first proposed in India in 1996, but did not pass approval because there were concerns over national security and a cultural invasion. In 1997, the government even imposed a ban when the Rupert Murdoch-owned Indian Sky Broadcasting (ISkyB) was about to launch its DTH services in India.

Finally in 2000, DTH was allowed. The new policy requires all operators to set up earth stations in India within 12 months of getting a license. DTH licenses in India will cost $2.14 million and will be valid for 10 years.

The companies offering DTH service will have to have an Indian chief and foreign equity has been capped at 49 per cent. There is no limit on the number of companies that can apply for the DTH license.


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What is DTH?
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