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Big TV Improves its User Interface, Adds More Features

Big channel guide, improves user interface In its bid to improve viewing experience for its subscribers, Big TV has added some new features in its graphic user interface.

Subscribers can now move the Big TV logo on the screen by channel, to ensure that it does not obstruct while watching any program or overlap the channel logo.

Few more features include direct links like remote key access to Program Guide and select (12 channel mosaic preview), a 12-hour time clock, and specific genre headings for each Select screen.

According to the company, its home page is now more informative with direct links to its exclusive cinema channels landing page, iNTERACTIVE landing page, and other services like account info, onscreen user guide etc.

The cinema page will now be picture-based (DVD Jacket covers) wherein the viewer can browse through the list of movie genres and then select the movie to play and directly tune to the selected cinema channel. Even the iNTERACTIVE landing page is picture-based now.

Mahesh Prasad, president - Reliance Communications, said, "We are committed to offer our customers new and improved value added services. Our aim is to make the BIG TV known as the most user-friendly brand in the DTH space and we will take all the necessary steps to do that."

Big TV crossed 1 million subscribers within 3 months of its launch, and holds 15% of the DTH market share.
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