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DTH Market in India

Next Big TV PostBig TV Aims 3 Million, DTH Sector to Rise

With the DTH subscribers in India expected to more than double from the current 16 million to over 32 million in two years, Reliance Big TV has set its sights firm on capturing a bigger share of the growth.

Big TV's major marketing initiative with allocation of over Rs 100 crore to improve brand visibility, special incentive programmes for the retail channel partners and improved ARPU (average revenue per user) is aimed at crossing three million subscribers by March 2010 from the current two million.

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Next Big TV PostDTH Market to See Growth, Profits Uncertain

The DTH market is expected to grow 57% by December this year as opposed to the same period last year, according to the latest projections made by Media Partners Asia (MPA), the international media research agency.

The five DTH operators, Big TV, Airtel Digital, Dish TV, Tata Sky and Sun Direct are expected to add six million new subscribers by the end of December, to take the overall subscriber base to over 17 million. But the report also pointed out that the DTH operators will face rising economic challenges.

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Next Big TV PostBig TV Pulls a Spoof on Airtel Digital TV

Even before Bharti Airtel's Digital TV was launched in the market last year, Big TV went one up in this DTH rivalry. Airtel Digital TV was running a teaser ad campaign prior to its launch.

The 12-second commercial shows animated characters dancing around and suddenly a sofa appears and the characters end with the punchline, "See you at home." It doesn't say anything else or indicate that its Airtel Digital TV ad. But Big TV guessed it right, and spoofed the ad.

Reliance ADAG used the same set up and punchline "See you at home," the only difference being that the ad showed Big TV logo and its features of 32 cinemas and 200+ channels.

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Next Big TV PostThe DTH Price Wars have Begun

The increasing amount of DTH providers in the country and with new ones coming in, each one of them is trying to woo a customer data base, what better way to win over a customer by providing a cheap service.

Low price services are the mantra with Dish TV, Big TV and Tata Sky, lets take a look at what value these DTH players are offering you for your money. But are these offers good enough to lure you from your local cable operators lets take a look and see.

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Next Big TV PostA Comparison of India's DTH Providers

The DTH war is heating up with the launch of Big TV and several new entrants. Let's take a look at how each one of them - Dish TV, Tata Sky and Big TV are placed. Here's a comparison chart...

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Next Big TV PostVideocon's DTH Bigger than BIG TV?

Videocon, that plans on launching its DTH service by the end of October, will be the only Direct to Home provider that will manufacture their own set-top boxes and apart from that it will the next provider to offer MPEG-4 technology to its customers.

But what makes Videocon's service so great that it would compete with Big. They have taken six Ku-band transponders on SingTel's ST-1 satellite and are investing Rs 10 billion over two years.

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Next Big TV PostReliance Complains over DTH Set-top Boxes

In its attempt to gain an edge over its competitors, Reliance Big TV has accused existing DTH operators - Tata Sky and Dish TV - of not complying with the latest set-top box technology and trying to block out from bringing the revised norms.

For instance - if you have Tata Sky and want to switch to Dish TV or vice versa, you would have to throw away your old set-top box and get a new one. This is because the STBs provided by these operators aren't interoperable.

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Next Big TV PostDish TV to Provide MPEG 4 STBs, Not Service

Dish TV had announced that it will begin providing MPEG-4 set-top boxes soon after Reliance Big TV accused other DTH operators like Tata Sky and Dish TV of not complying with the latest set-top box technology and trying to block out from bringing the revised norms.

While Jawahar Goel, managing director, Dish TV, said, "MPEG 4 boxes are much more expensive and may put extra burden on the subscriber. Moreover, the MPEG 4 format is not in accordance with BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) and the government’s regulations and, hence, is not interoperable with MPEG 2 boxes."

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Next Big TV PostDish TV's Free STB Might Trigger Price War

Dish TV has broken their silence, after Reliance Big TV launched its underground marketing ploys to multiply its customer base. Dish TV decided to stop waiting for the official launch of Big TV to begin their aggressive marketing techniques.

Anjali Malhotra Nanda, vice president, marketing, Dish TV, said, "We have designed a high decibel campaign, starring brand ambassador Shahrukh Khan, to support the company’s new marketing initiative. Under the offer, a 12-month maxi package, for example, will now cost Dish’s consumers Rs 3,990 which is inclusive of subscription and 67 movies."

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Next Big TV PostDTH Market Zooming Ahead in India

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) supported the Government’s decision to reduce the licence fee for DTH operators from 10 per cent to 6 per cent of gross revenues.

The current and future DTH operators such as Tata Sky, Reliance Big TV, Dish TV etc. welcomed the move, stating that this will help them lessen their losses due to a highly competitive market. Although the operators choose not to pass on any of these benefits to the consumers.

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Next Big TV PostWhat is DTH?

DTH stands for Direct-To-Home, its a system that allows you to have a personal dish antenna how cable operators do, except its much smaller in size, the antenna can be seen on the top left corner of the blog.

This antenna can be fixed on your terrace and receives transmissions directly from a satellite, hence it is called as a direct to home service.

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Divya September 11, 2011 at 9:39 AM

Dear Sir,
I am living in Vaishali Ghaziabad.ok My name is Divya know there no any type of Recharge coupons and E- recharge in Vaishali sector- 4,5,6...... All the retailers have all recharge coupons either yours.What is going on???now tomorrow i will call my mother to recharge from Lucknow.How Could be happen this???
My Smart Card No is.200510467993.
Thanks & Regard's
Divya Shukla

Anto Rubin January 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Dear Sir ,
My Name is Anto Rubin and my Smart card number is 200673272233 my registered phone number is 8129925566 .
I have registered an request to the customer care to uninstall my TV from my current house and shift to new house on 13th Jan 2010
And the request number is 170137811 and they promised me that they will fix it in 24 Hours maximum Now the date is 18th jan 2010 so it has been 5 days with no response , till now no one contacted me , and I do call customer care on 16th and 17th till no response . am not sure what to do and on 17th I clearly told him that I need the response before 10: AM as I have to go to office , But still no one contacts me , and I shifted to new house and still am holding the Room key just to shift the TV I have to pay rent for these days . and I missed 5 days channels because of the improper behaviors .

Please do the necessary action and please fix the issues , am not expecting like this disappointing response from a Big reputed company like reliance .

Smart Card Number : 200673272233
Registered Mob No : 8129925566
Request Number : 170137811
Request Registered Date : 13th Jan 2010
Customer care contacted Date : 13th , 16th, 17th of jan


Anto Rubin,
Solution Architect,
ClaySys Technologies ,
clay sys

Haridas Mandal September 7, 2012 at 1:49 AM

Dear Customer Uncare
My smart card No is 200802026167.Mobile 9704679309.
Made a complaint to the customer care (Toll Free, could get through after 11 minutes of waiting time listening to 'all customer uncare executives are busy..blah blah blah")that there is frequent breakdown in transmission while changing channel.That was my may 5th complaint on the same issue. I was advised to take out the smart card,wipe of the moisture or dust and reinsert. It worked at times and did not the next time.Once I put off the switch of the TV as well as to the Set top box and restart a little later TX came back. I explained to the customer care executive in details.I was told that there is no problem at their end and I need to pay service charges if service Engineer is engaged.I did not agree as in my view it is their duty to ensure that transmission is ensured and there is no such frequent failures.I asked them to provide me the complaint Number.After lots of dilly dallying and hesitancy Sri Rakesh , the customer care executive provided me the complaint number 186275459. The defect remained unattended for a few days. And I thought of putting complaint to the service provider online.Suddenly I recd a call from from a local service rep of Big TV who then came and attended to the defect. I thought better sense must have prevailed and the complaint in its turn is being attended to. It was duly rectified by the service Rep. According to the post repairs de-briefing to me :-
It was due to low signal level which he has enhanced now to 70% by adjusting the antenna at the roof top for which he needed some electric connection to his diagnostic tools and was provided from my flat at fourth floor.
Then came the problem of pairee which was not there earlier. He contacted the customer care waited for a long time and brief them the problem. A testing on the TV Screen Started for a while and after that he claimed completion of the repairs.My suggestion that it is the set top box which may be causing the frequent transmission problem was ignored saying that this model is better than the new version.
He did not ask for any signature on any job card or whatever may be the method they are following . I thanked him and he left my place.Neither Customer care executive nor the service rep broach the subject of any service charge for rectifying the defects on their antenna, their set top box and their Pairee defects which is supposedly due to some technical mis-allignment.
Now I receive a message on my mobile a little letter that a Rs 175 has been deducted from my account.
I like to know what for ? And who has given them the authority to do such deduction? Are we captive / bonded labours just because money is paid for the services well in advance?
Is the management is need of liquid cash due to in-efficiency?
If that be the reason I suggest that a Big Katora be bought and handed over to their CEO/MD to position himself in front of the Mumbai Central Railway station and beg for alms.
One can not allow such tyranny where a service provider fails to perform, fails to provide transmission, fails to provide service , fails to maintain the system (THE ANTENNA , THE SET TOP BOX as well as the upgradation of their software and when notified simply deduct Rs 175 from the amount paid in advance for the Tx Package.
Where are we living? Who is the regulatory body and I request all of you those with similar experiences do speak up and compel the service provider to behave.

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