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The DTH Price Wars have Begun

The cost of DTH in IndiaThe increasing amount of DTH providers in the country and with new ones coming in, each one of them is trying to woo a customer data base, what better way to win over a customer by providing a cheap service.

Low price services are the mantra with Dish TV, Big TV and Tata Sky, lets take a look at what value these DTH players are offering you for your money. But are these offers good enough to lure you from your local cable operators lets take a look and see.

A few months ago and the average monthly outgoing was around Rs 280 to 300 that included the cost of the required hardware and a monthly subscription fee. But today the average a customer shells out is lesser by 30 - 40% where you can pay anywhere between Rs 182 - 249, which equals to less than the Rs. 300 you are paying to your cable operator

Tata sky started a Rs.99 entry level subscription that got the largest DTH player in the market Dish TV to offer 125 channels for Rs. 100 in a month, but the cause for these operators to lower their prices is due to the launch of Reliance ADAG's DTH serivce, BIG TV at a price of Rs 100 with 44 free to air channels.

But now Tata Sky is taking it a notch further with its aim to enter a larger section of the Hindi spolen markets with its Rs.99 per month super hit pack. As their chief marketing officer puts it, "Tata Sky stands for a premium DTH service. Perhaps, because of this impression, a number of potential subscribers were finding us a little expensive. Now the Rs 99 super hit pack will help us get these very subscribers."

So if you want to go DTH, Dish TV's DTH connection will cost Rs 2,190 one time an average of Rs 182 per month and receive 12 months of subscription of 125 channels that include entertainment channels, movie channels, sports channels and others. A Tata Sky connection, a consumer needs to pay Rs 2,999 an average of Rs 249 and for 12 months, for 53 channels including pay channels like Star Plus, Sony TV and active services.

Big TV is also offering entry-level subscriptions at Rs 2,490 that includes various channel packages, to get a clearer understanding between these competitors take a look at a comparison of Tata Sky, Dish TV and Big TV.
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