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Reliance Big Acquires DTS Imaging for $7.5 Million

DTSEmphasizing on its commitment towards the Big Entertainment segment, the Reliance ADAG has acquired DTS's Digital Images business. DTS is the digital technology company known for its DTS Digital Sound product that competes with Dolby Digital.

Anil Arjun, senior vice president, Reliance, said, “DTS Digital Images, also popularly known as Lowry Digital Images, enjoys a superb reputation as the premier film imaging and restoration facility. The company fits well with the Digital Services strategy of the Reliance ADA Group in the global media and entertainment space."

ADAG already has a controlling stake in Adlabs, which currently holds a large market share in the film processing business. Additionally, Adlabs Films is a strategic investor in Prime Focus, another end-to-end post production service house.

So this acquisition will not directly benefit Big TV unless Reliance plans on restoring older films for their Big TV subscribers to watch. Otherwise it is an enterprise related focus that has led to Big buying DTS.


DTS Sells Digital Images Business to Reliance Big Entertainment

Big Buys DTS Digital Imaging Business For $7.5 Million Cash
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