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A Comparison of India's DTH Providers

Which Indian DTH ProviderThe DTH war is heating up with the launch of Big TV. Let's take a look at how each one of them - Dish TV, Tata Sky and Big TV are placed.

Dish TV

Dish TV Offers:
  • 168 TV channels

  • 7 movie channels

  • 21 audio channels

Dish TV Cost
  • Between Rs 2490 and Rs 3990 for installation

  • Rs 100 for up to 85 channels

  • Rs 300 for up to 140 channels

Dish TV Features:
Free gaming portal, astrology service, sports channel with custom features, multi-lingual voiceovers and statistics.

Tata Sky

Tata Sky Offers:
At least 150 channels

Tata Sky Cost
  • Rs 2499 for dish and installation charges

  • Rs 175 for 65 channels

  • Rs 310 for 123 channels

Tata Sky Features:
Interactive quiz, story-telling, daily live broadcasts from select shrines, matrimonial programmes and cooking portal.

Big TV

Big TV Offers:
  • 202 channels

  • 32 movie channels

  • 10 audio channels

Big TV Cost

  • Rs 2490 for dish and installation charges

  • Basic pack of Rs 100 for 44 channels

  • Rs 175 for 101 channels

  • Top-up packs from Rs 25 to Rs 40

Big TV Features:
Monthly subscription-based movie channels, niche channels at low add-on charges, USB port in set-top box.
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