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Big TV's Massive Advertisement Campaign

Every TV is now a BIG TVWe spoke about the Big TV advertisement that will be aired on television soon, but Reliance ADAG, are not depending solely on the biggest advertisement made in India.

Big TV ads have been spotted in all the major newspapers today across India as well as the streets and bus stops of Mumbai.

The company has not forgotten the online medium either, Big TV has launched an online marketing campaign on the search engine giant Google.
Big TV Google Search Advertisment
This has been complemented by placing ads through online networks like Google Adwords, on a variety of blogs and websites on the Internet.

This weekend we passed several Big TV advertisements on the streets of Mumbai, take a look at this MCGM Information Kiosk donning the girl with the Big TV remote.
Big TV Advertisment on MCGM Information Kiosk
Not only have the Advertisements appeared on Bus stops in town, but if you pass by H20 near Marine Drive, you spot these Big Advertisements on either side of the road.
Big TV Ads in Mumbai
Big TV Hoardings at Marine Drive

Big TV Advertisement in the NewspaperToday Hindustan Times, DNA and the Times of India (TOI) have carried full page advertisements. The first image in this post was present on the front page of the TOI and the second page had this full page Big TV advertisement.

We are pretty sure Big TV's competitors are pulling their socks up as Reliance's advertisement strategy is definitely getting a lot of eye ball views. If you compare it to Tata Sky's lousy ad campaign where they talk about 24x7 darshan of temples on your TV.

People who want to go to temples will go to the temple, people want entertainment on their TV and now we have a Big choice!
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