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Can I Use One Dish for Many TVs?

Do I need many Dish Antenna to connect many TVs?Well in short the answer is yes, although there is a limit of four TV's per connection, I will explain in short how it works to help you understand better. So lets say you have two televisions at home you do not need to get two separate connections, BIG TV provides a 50% off on installation of 2nd, 3rd and 4th connection.

The way it works is quite simple, you will have one dish that connects to a dual Low Noise Block (LNB) converter. The LNB then has two cables running to two different set top boxes (STB), each connected to your televisions. Each STB will have a different viewing card, which is like a SIM card that we have in mobile phones.
You cannot interchange the viewing cards of the STBs, it is also possible for the company to provide you with two separate dish antennae if the dual LNB is not available.

Two televisionsIf you are taking a multiple Big TV connection you can get a 50% discount by informing the Big TV Customer Care Executive when you place an installation request.

I have Multiple TVs what will be the Monthly Subscription charge?
You will have to pay the normal subscription cost on the first television, if you have two, three or four TVs you would pay 50% or Rs.125 depending on which is higher, per extra TV.

Although if you choose any other add on packs for the second, third or fourth TV you will be charged at a standard price. If you have more than four televisions the 5th TV will require a new connection registered and will cost you the full amount.
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