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Big TV Milestones

Next Big TV PostBig TV Aims 3 Million, DTH Sector to Rise

With the DTH subscribers in India expected to more than double from the current 16 million to over 32 million in two years, Reliance Big TV has set its sights firm on capturing a bigger share of the growth.

Big TV's major marketing initiative with allocation of over Rs 100 crore to improve brand visibility, special incentive programmes for the retail channel partners and improved ARPU (average revenue per user) is aimed at crossing three million subscribers by March 2010 from the current two million.

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Next Big TV PostBig TV Crosses 5 Lakh Subscribers in South

South India has always been a major market for Big TV, as it crosses another milestone in the DTH segment. Big TV has touched 500,000 subscribers in the four Southern States within five months of its launch.

Bangalore with Karnataka leads the way with 150,000 subscribers. According the company, this was possible because of offering viewers their favourite regional bouquet of channels along with popular channels all bundled with a competitive pricing.

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Next Big TV PostBig TV Reaches Mount Everest

Reliance has gone where no DTH service provider has dared to go, not out of space but the company recently started servicing the base camp of Mount Everest at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), situated 15,317feet above sea level at Dropadi ka Danda.

According to the company a team of 24 members braved snowstorms and temperatures reaching 3 degrees to trek from Uttarkashi to the base camp from the 26th to the 30th of November.

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Next Big TV PostBig TV Races Ahead, Crosses 1 Million Users

Reliance Big TV claims to have surpassed 1 million subscriber mark within 3 months of its launch, with this Big TV holds 15 percent of the market share. This announcement comes a month after Big TV touched five lakh subscribers.

According to Reliance, Big TV is expected to breakeven within the first five years and is on target to achieve the 40% market share to become a leading player by 2011.

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Next Big TV PostBig TV Reaches 5 lakh Subscribers, Targets 5 Million

Big TV touched five lakh subscribers within two months of its launch. South India has proved to be a major market for Big TV, with nearly 50% subscribers accounting from that market.

Reliance ADAG expects to touch the five million mark in the first year of its operations, and is geared to to add over 400,000 subscribers every month with an on-ground infrastructure spanning 6500 towns.

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Big Tv Features

The features of Big Tv are as stated below:

Pay Per View MoviesThis is one feature that really stands out as compared to being at the mercy of the channel that broadcasts movies with advertisements every twenty minutes.

Here you can choose your movie and watch it ad free, with good quality. This should be the Big Tv's unique selling point.Pure Digital Experience The Big Tv claims to have an audio quality comparable with CD quality and video quality as good as a DVD. Would it live up to these quality standards we will have to wait and watch.

Reliance claims that Big Tv offers more channels for choice for their users, at the moment the company offers around 150 to 200 channels, you can see the entire channel list here.
But you may already have more than 300 channels with your local cable operator and a set top box.

Big Tv Channel ChoiceMosaic Window Picture in PictureMost new televisions have a picture in picture mode, Big Tv boasts of 12 Pictures on one screen. I really do not know how many people would want to use a feature like this I can imagine watching two things at a time, that's probably cricket and formula 1, but then again without sound does not really appeal to me.

Although its been marketed as a multi-screen video function that allows you to preview categories at the same time making it simple to navigate between your favorite channels.
Programs at Your Finger TipsParental Lock
Some of the features are explained in details, High Definition experience – Picture quality and resolution is five times better, along with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, which gives a feel of 3D sound.

MPEG 4 compresses the signals so that more channels can be carried through the same bandwidth. So now over 150 channels across genres like entertainment, news, sports, education, travel, kids, spiritual, lifestyle, financial, covering more than 9 Indian languages.

Big Tv introduces pay-per-view, get all the latest DVD quality movies and events at a click of a remote, SMS or phone. Just pay as you order, now you can experience the fun of having your own personal video store open 24/7.

Make sure your child is not exposed to any undesirable content. Keep a tab on what your child watches with the child lock feature.
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