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Reliance Digital TV & BIG RTL Crack Distribution Deal

Reliance Digital TV and BIG RTL Crack Distribution Deal
In a first of its kind tie-up for the company, Reliance Digital TV announced their association with BIG RTL, the joint venture between Reliance Broadcast Network and the RTL Group, as the distributors of Big RTL's latest offerings - a reality channel and an action entertainment channel.

The tie-up will provide BIG RTL the reach it needs to provide world-class programming to maximum audiences in the country, while Reliance Digital TV can provide its 30 lakh subscribers with top-rated international TV shows.

Reliance Broadcast Network currently offers a bouquet of 7 channels, and its joint venture with RTL and subsequent tie-up with Reliance Digital TV is all set to bring them one step closer to bridging the apparent gap in entertainment programming in India.

Big RTL also recently launched the 'Choose Your Set-Top-Box Wisely' campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers to choose the right set top boxes and enabling operators to build their brand equity.
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