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Big TV Launches iNews with CNN-IBN

Intereactive News feature on Big TV With the elections round the corner, Big TV has launched interactive election special called iNEWS as part of its interactive services.

The iNews feature will allow viewers to access current news and information, short text-based stories, headlines and ticker in a user-friendly interface. Some of their other interactive services include iCooking (cuisine), iAstro (astrology) and iGames.

This service is launched in association with news channel CNN-IBN and would be available to all Big TV subscribers.

Through iNEWS, the viewers can watch news and navigate through an 8-window PIP mosaic of video feed options. The user screen includes dedicated news and highlight feeds as well an access to sub genre-based text news stories, news headlines and tickers. Viewers can choose from eight windows including live feeds of CNN-IBN and IBN 7, top headlines, Lok Sabha 09 (dedicated feed for news and views on General Elections 2009), sports and weather.

Mahesh Prasad, president, Reliance Communications, "Reliance BIG TV has always been at the forefront of enhancing customer value through relevant and easy-to-use innovative product features. We are delighted on our partnership with CNN-IBN, with such topically relevant Election Special with interactivity through a 8-window mosaic framework. This will define a new paradigm of customer experience with quality content."

The launch of this new interactive service is way to attract new subscribers as TV sales go up during elections. Big TV aims to capture 40% market share in the next one year.
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