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Big TV Purchases Set Top Boxes in Bulk

Set Top BoxEverything seems rather big with Big TV, Reliance seems to have placed an order for 5 million set top boxes in an attempt to make them cost as much as a MPEG-2 set top box that its competitors sell in the country.

Reliance ADAG has placed orders from vendors in Korea, China and Taiwan at a cost that's lower than the market price by around 25% this would help them sell their STBs at similar if not lower prices than the ones being sold in India.

Big Entertainment has already acquired 2.5 lakh STBs and the remaining amount is expected to reach them in a couple of weeks. There will be a variety of STB models including some with video recording facility in an inbuilt memory disk or DVD drive.

Recording-enabled set-top boxes will allow a user to record any program even when no one is present at home. Reliance has set a team to procure these models as per their target market, to also tune and modify features as per feedback provided by their customers.

Although all this sounds really good on paper there has not been much news over the Internet, on the set top boxes performance. Although there are some complaints of the set top box overheating and channels hanging while they are being changed, is this the reason why the Big TV launch has been postponed yet again?
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