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Big TV Facing Big Problems? - Part 2

Big TV Check your Cable ConnectionIn Big TV Facing Big Problems? - Part 1 we looked at the Big TV Installation and the problems Big TV users are facing, lets now take a look at the other facts that are possibly stalling the Big TV Launch.

Big TV Customer Service:

It understandable that the customer service at this point of time is not living up to the expectations since its a fairly new service and the customer service executives are learning the ropes. But heres an experience of a Big TV customer,

I called up to lodge a complaint for STB getting hanged. That was a just a simple complaint i was trying to lodge and guess what?

A hell lot of hassles I have gone through.

[1] Rep talked to me for over 20 minutes!!!
[2] He was keep asking me (or may be confirming) every single things for 4-5 times what i was telling him (That was really annoying)
[3] After telling him every single thing - he was putting me on hold for 1-2 minutes saying that "i am going to gather more knowledge and will give you a solution, please wait"
[4] In between, he also played a trick - "Sir, are you in front of your TV? is that problem happening right now? If not, please call back when it happens so that we can guide you thoroughly"

I am a bit smart too. I said "hang on --- see, it happens now. tell me what shall i do now?" and he said "try to do something with remote", "try from STB" and even he said some foolish things "check the batteries in your remote"

The user felt like killing the Big TV Customer ServiceFinally, he took a complaint after 20 minutes of discussion and when i asked for a complaint number, he said "i will have to put you on hold for sometimes, it will take time" - i asked "how long" and he said "2-3 minutes"

That was completely waste of time. He actually took 2-3 minutes just to raise a complaint!!!!!!!! Imagine, they haven't launched commercially and they are taking 2-3 minutes just to raise a complaint. What will happen after a launch? He finally gave me an 8 digit complaint number which starts from "7358----"

Big TV Complains:

One customer placed two complains within 24 hours of time, on the 11th of August 2008 hr placed a complain for the STB that was slow and kept hanging, the complain number was 7379**** and on 12th August 2008 another complain fro the "Smart Card Error" and received complain number 7384****. Now if you see that the complain numbers 50,000 complain numbers are being generated on a daily basis. This is really something that will create issues, especially with the launch of Big TV yesterday lets see if these problems are rectified.

Big TV Solutions:

So far the Customer Service nor the Engineers have been able to fix the STB problems, the only solution they have provided is stating that once the service launches they would be able to fix or replace the STB.

The other solution they have provided is to keep the customers phone number stating they will contact them when a new version of the STB is out. So this could mean tha the company is trying to get the STBs replaced for a newer stable version.

A special thanks to the members of the Broadband forum for keeping us updated with the problems they face.
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Big TV Launches With Offer of Rs 2490

Big TV DTH launchedThe wait is finally over. Big TV was officially launched today, thereby putting all the speculations to rest. Big TV is priced between Rs 2490 to Rs 4990 (including installation charges), depending on the scheme selected by the customer. The service will be available in over 100,000 outlets across 6,500 towns in the country, including over 2,000 exclusive Reliance branded stores.

With its impending foray, Reliance ADAG intends to become a leading player in the DTH segment within a year, and capture 40% of the market share. It will offer a bouquet of more than 200 channels, and increase it to 330-350 over a period of time. The launch offer comes with 3 months free unlimited access to BIG Cinema, comprising 20 Movie channels and 120 Movies.

Big TV Launch offers:
Here is a comparison between the existing players - Tata Sky and Dish TV - and the newly launched Big TV. Reliance Big TV launch offerSome of the features, not provided by other DTH providers, includes subscription video-on-demand on 50 channels, adaptability to any TV set, more than 20 exclusive movie channels that will cover Bollywood, Hollywood and regional movies to name a few.

The company has also set up a call centre, which is capable of handling over 50,000 calls per day, and would operate from two locations to enable speedy response to consumer queries. Prior to the launch, Big TV was was being tested by employees of other Reliance ADAG companies. Some of them complained that the STB, sourced from vendors in Korea and Taiwan, gave problems within a week. More on Big TV customer service tomorrow.

Currently, around 7 million households subscribe to DTH service, but the DTH market is estimated to touch 25 million by 2010 with the rural market expected to grow faster than the urban area.
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