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Big TV Integrated under New Firm, Reliance Digicom

Reliance recently acquired Digicable, the cable television service provider, in an all stock deal, to form a new firm - Reliance Digicom. Big TV, IPTV and Reliance broadband services will be merged with Digicable.

The new entity, claimed to be the world's fifth largest cable television operator, will start with a subscriber base of 11 million homes.

Speaking on this occasion, Anil Ambani, Reliance Communications, chairman said, "The Digital TV and broadband space is poised for similar explosive growth in the years ahead. With this game-changing move, we hope to lead the next revolution in digital home entertainment in India by offering a world-class TV experience and ultra high-speed broadband capability to a billion people."

This acquisition will offer a wider reach to Big TV that is aiming to add five million new customers every year, along with access to ground digital cable distribution network to compliment Big TV's satellite distribution.
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