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Big TV to Monetise its Interactive Services

big tv to monetise video on demand Reliance Big TV has partnered with, multi-genre brand ad networks, to monetise all their interactive and video channel offerings. Big TV offers 23 pay-per view movie channels and a range of interactive zones like IAstro, IStock, ICooking, and ICare.

According to the company, advertisers will be roped in for video on-demand, electronic program guide (EPG) and interactive offerings of Big TV. Video on demand service will be monetised through TV commercials, similar to a commercial break on TV channels.

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Reliance Big TV, said, "With the robust technological back end of Reliance ADAG and measurable digital TV viewing experience in over two million homes, Reliance BIG TV now has a platform for advertisers to latch onto, especially when they are looking for their brand communication to reach the right audience in the most cost-effective manner."

While for the interactive services, there are plans to offer advertising spots including static and dynamic banner ads, branded skins and sponsorships of entire interactive sections or channels.

The deal further implies that Networkplay will also create landing pages for the ads, so if a user clicks on a banner ad by pressing a red button available on the remote control, it will redirect users to a landing page, where more information about the advertised brand will be offered.

With competition increasing among DTH operators, each one is opting for new technology and ways to monetise its offerings. Many DTH players are also studying viewing habits of subscribers and they may ask for a higher premium from advertisers to share that information.

Audience Measurement and Analytics (aMap), a ratings agency, is close to inking a deal with Big TV. aMap will employ a proprietary format independent content identification technology which measures all types of interaction of a DTH subscriber with the television, be it digital broadcast, use of interactive service or time-shifted viewing.
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