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Reliance Entertainment Rebranding with Moniker Big

Big BuzzGearing up for the launch of Big TV which is likely to be this month, Reliance Entertainment is undergoing a major re branding with the aim of having a single brand 'Big' across all its entertainment verticals, like Big TV, Big FM channel, Big Pictures, the production company, to name a few.

The media and entertainment arm of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) will now be called Reliance Big Entertainment. The company is also phasing out the 'Adlabs' brand and replacing it with Big Cinema in the next two months. For instance, Metro Adlabs will now be called Metro Big Cinema.

In fact, Reliance is also rechristening the recently acquired theatres in the US as 'Big Cinemas'. It plans to start screening Indian films - Hindi and regional - this month in 200 cinemas. They also acquired a controlling stake in Malaysian cinema. The whole process of re branding will include the change in brand communication like signage to branding on tickets to the paraphernalia used in the multiplexes.

With this aggressive approach, the brand Big is certainly going to get popular the world over. It is creating buzz before the launch of its DTH service!
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