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Reliance Digital TV Moves out of the House

reliance digital tv on trainsNo longer will Reliance Digital TV be only part of your house, soon you may find Big Tv embedded in your train seat or in your SUV.

According to Sanjay Behl, chief executive officer, Reliance DTH & IPTV, said, “Reliance Digital TV has capability to provide services in cars, buses and trains. We are keen to evaluate all tenders in this regard, including that of the Indian Railways.”

The best part is this service is actually free for the railways and the customers, as the service providers will cough up the sum for the cost of development, management and maintenance as well as the provision of audio and video content, Internet surfing and games.

How does the service provider make the money? Advertisements, yes the service provider is allowed to have adverts as 20% of the content. They can also provide value added services such as ticketing and reservations for hotel. Although passengers will have to pay for Value added services.

Although Dish TV has bagged the pilot project on the Kalka Shatabdi, let see what Reliance Digital Tv has up its sleeves.
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